How to access our online library catalogue

 We currently have around 900 books available for borrowing in our Nordic Reading Corner. Here is a short description on how to access and search our online catalouge.

To see our catalogue, follow the link below.

You can search the catalouge in the "Search this library" field in the upper right corner.


It is possible to search by author, title or tags. The tags we currently have are: Norsk (Norwegian), Svenska (Swedish), Suomi (Finnish), Dansk (Danish), Srpski (Serbian) and Children's book (for those of you who want something that is easy to read).


If you click on the book and then 'book details' and scroll down you can read a description of the book in the original language.


Our catalouge is constantly being updated. Please note that some of our books are still not registered in the online catalogue, and that some books in the catalouge do not have tags or descriptions yet. We thank you for you patience with this and we are working on having all the books properly registered as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about our books or online catalogue, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail or visit our reading corner.

The project ‘Nordic Reading Corner’ is financially supported by The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade