Scandinavian Corner introduces Crash Courses in Nordic languages

In September Scandinavian Corner introduced a new feature on our monthly program: Crash Courses in Nordic languages. The course is aimed at providing a basic introduction to the language and is perfect for those of you who are interested in learning a Nordic language but not sure if it is something for you.

During the weeklong courses we go through pronunciation and the basic structure and grammar of the language. We also give an introduction to the society and culture, and of course have a lot of fun! By the end of the week the participants will have gotten a feeling of the language and be able to construct a few sentences.

First out was the Crash Course in Swedish led by Scandinavian Corner's own Milica Nikolić and Lena Maričić. Milica Nikolić has a bachelor degree in Swedish language from the faculty of Belgrade, has lived in Gothenburg and has been teaching Swedish privately for years. Lena Maričić, who is originally from Sweden, helped to practice pronunciation as well as provide an insight into the Swedish society.


You cannot learn a language completely if you don't know something about the society and its people as well', Lena says.” I wanted to provide an insight into this and explain things like why Swedes might be perceived as cold, why the word ‘lagom’ is such a useful word in our language and central concepts in our society, like ‘Allemansrätten’ (The Right to Public Access)”.

The Swedish Crash Course took place on 14-18 of September in UK Parobrod and Scandinavian Corner is very happy with how it turned out. And according to the feedback, so were the participants.

First of all the teacher was great. In fact, the whole concept was great – that we were able to get a grasp of how Swedish language sounds like in such a short time. The course was well planned and very well executed” says Dragana Slijepčević

Maša Raca, one of the particpants of the course explains: ”It was great how Scandinavian Corner in a simple and yet professional way showed us what the Swedish language looks like and what the most important things in Swedish language are. My first acquaintance with Swedish was through Ingmar Bergman's movies and through this course I was able to get closer to all that, both the language and the culture.


The Swedish course was open for anyone interested and quickly became very popular and got over 70 people signing up for the 40 seats that the course had space for.

"Next time we will make it only for our members", Milica Nikolić, the founder of Scandinavian corner says. "Of course anyone who wants to attend the lessons is welcome to come by our office and sign up for membership before the course. Besides the chance to join the course, you will also have the possibility to attend our film screenings, conversation workshops and many other activities".

The next course will be Norwegian, and will take place on the 2-6 November.

To sign up for the Norwegian Crash Course, please send an e-mail with your name and contact details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The deadline for signing up is 30th October.


The project ‘Nordic Reading Corner’ is financially supported by The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade