About Us

Scandinavian Corner is an organisation that has as a goal promotion of dominant Scandinavian social and cultural values. The focus of our activities are, first and foremost, non-violence and tolerance, respect for differences, gender equality and human rights, promotion of healthy lifestyle, as well as raising awareness regarding environmental issues.

The idea of creating a space for the promotion of Scandinavian culture has existed in Belgrade for some time now. We have been thinking for a long time how to deal with various obstacles that we met along the way, and despite serious challenges create a space to promote Scandinavian cultural, but also social values. Thanks to a very creative approach and incredible enthusiasm by our friends and potential associates, we gathered enough energy and courage to start a project like this. The organisation was founded in September 2013, and in the first 12 months, when we were all working as volunteers and with no financial support whatsoever for our events, we managed to organise: 15 educational film screenings, more than 25 conversation workshops in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish, as well as 4 lectures.

Scandinavian Corner has participated in several projects. We were media partner to the “Nordic Panorama” film festival in 2014. We participated in the project “Trans Europe Express” that was created as a mutual effort of Global Reporting media company from Stockholm and Kielo agency from Belgrade, and was supported by the Swedish Institute through the Creative Force project, and organised by the so-called Global Bars within the project – a string of public debates on current topics in a relaxed and unconventional atmosphere.

The activities of the Scandinavian Corner have attracted attention of more than 1500 people. We are also proud of the fact that our Facebook page now has more than 2000 followers.

Our team

Milena Banic – Co-founder and Human Rights Defender

milena banicMilena Banic is a human rights lawyer and international consultant for human rights and child rights. She graduated Bachelor in law at the Law school University of Belgrade. Thereafter she finished two master courses and received Master in child rights and Master in European integration – human rights approach. She spent one year in New York as PILnet fellow and visiting scholar at the Law school, Columbia University - she is specialized for public interest advocacy. She likes biking, snowboarding, hiking, free climbing and she plays guitar, piano and hand drums. Trough many professional projects, she has visited Scandinavian countries many times and is fascinated by Scandinavian values and Scandinavian lifestyle. As someone who likes outdoor activities very much and proactive approach to life and someone who is devoted to human rights and children rights, Milena trully believes that the Scandinavian corner is a perfect place for bringing different perspective to Serbian society through culture and making positive changes.


Milica Nikolic – Co-founder and Project Coordinator

milica nikolicMilica Nikolic is an expert in Scandinavian languages and literature, translator and language teacher and team leader in sport events. She graduated Scandinavian languages and literature with Swedish as a major, at the Philological Faculty in Belgrade. Last year of studies, she spent in Sweden (Gothenburg), where she had a chance to live and work as an Au Pair and handball referee. Right after graduation, she finished an alternative program of women studies at the Faculty of Political sciences, than she spent one year as a visiting scholar at the Harriman Institute, Columbia University, in New York. Her interests focus primarily to socially engaged culture. Milica gets inspiration from successful people who remain true to themselves and their principles, from small and big gestures of humanity, but also from creative energy and strength of the people who are trying to make the world a better place.


Lena Maricic – Assistent Project Manager and Consultant for Swedish culture

lena maricicLena is born and raised in a suburb to Stockholm, Sweden. She studied International Migration and Ethnic Relations in Malmö and later went on to study Event and Project Management and worked mainly with festivals in Sweden and Denmark. Lena has always had a big interest in different cultures and has travelled a lot before deciding to move to Belgrade in the fall of 2012. Since the beginning of 2015 she is working as a project assistant and consultant for Swedish culture for Scandinavian corner. In her free time she is working hard to try to master the Serbian language and take every opportunity she has to travel around and discover Serbia.


Sofija Vukovic – Consultant for Norwegian culture

sofija vuckovicTranslator, language teacher and film critic. Studied Scandinavian languages and literature at the University of Belgrade and Idea, Culture and Society at Nansen Humanistic Academy in Lillehammer, Norway. Sofija has been working as a professional translator since 2005, and has a number of published translations from Norwegian, Swedish and Danish, including Sex and Religion by Dag Øistein Endsjø, The Least Resistance by Adda Djørup, Encirclement by Carl Frode Tiller and So, You Want to Be a Dictator by Mikal Hem. She has also worked as a translator and interpreter on a number of international projects, most prominently on bilateral cooperation projects between Serbian Ministry of Police and the Norwegian Police Directorate. She is also an active writer and critic, published on (now defunct) pop-culture website Popboks (http://www.popboks.com/) and, more recently, Emitor (http://emitor.rs/), a website dedicated to Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror.


Ole Svendsen – Consultant for Danish culture

ole svendsenOle has lived in Belgrade for the last two and a half years, but was born and raised in Denmark, and still has a Danish citizenship. For most of his adult life he has worked with music and web communication. For many years Ole has been employed as a music teacher at Ryslinge Folk High School where he taught rhythmic ensemble, choir, African and Latin percussion and dance, designed and built a recording studio and taught music production. Later in his life, he took a new education as multimedia designer, an education that he has only used freelance to create websites for friends and acquaintances. Ole is also a Member of the "International Belgrade Singers" and is generally concerned with art and culture.


Nevena Jocic – member of the Student board

nevena jocicNevena is senior at the Department of Scandinavian Languages, Cultures and Literatures at University of Belgrade Faculty of Philology and her major subject is contemporary Danish. She has chosen this studies because she really appreciates Scandinavian culture's values democracy, gender equality, feminism, ecological awareness… ). She decided to immerse herself more in Danish culture, especially the modern Danish language and explore the differences between Serbian and Danish society. During her bachelor studies she attended a Summer Language School under the Cultural Agreements Program at the Roskilde University in 2013 as well as attending Uldum Højskole for 4 months in 2015 in Denmark. Staying in Denmark helped her to learn the language better and to improve pronunciation and also to learn about the society and everyday life in Denmark. She is interested in languages, art, modern literature, sport and she enjoys watching documentaries, traveling and playing games.


Biljana Spasic – member of the Student board

biljana spasicBiljana is a senior at the Department of Scandinavian Languages, Cultures and Literatures at University of Belgrade Faculty of Philology with contemporary Norwegian as major subject. The reason why she chose this studies is because she has always been attracted by the social and cultural values that existed in the Scandinavian society such as gender equality, social solidarity, tolerance and rising of the ecological consciousness. During ungraduated studies she attended a Summer Course in Norwegian language and culture in 2013. at the University of Bergen, Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic studies and took part in seminar “Scandinavian identities and future perspectives“ in Vienna in 2014. She translated newspapers articles from Norwegian into Serbian for a newspaper called Lice Ulice. Currently she is working on project called Norveški rečnik (Norwegian Dictionary) on Wikipedia. When she is not studying or working, she enjoys running, playing volleyball, reading, cooking and traveling.

The project ‘Nordic Reading Corner’ is financially supported by The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade www.norveska.org.rs