The dark side of the snowman - Norwegian crime king Jo Nesbø

jo nesbo imageOn Wednesday, 24.06. at 19h in UK Parobrod, Scandinavian corner and publishing house Laguna will hold a literary evening dedicated to the most popular Norwegian crime writer, Jo Nesbø.

Nesbø’s works, which includes bestsellers like The Redbreast, The Redeemer and The Snowman, will be discussed by Mina Kebin, editor at Laguna, Jelena Loma, translator of Nesbø’s novels into Serbian since 2009, and Đorđe Bajić, crime writer, film and literary critic. The moderator for the evening will be Sofija Vuković, Scandinavian Corner’s consultant for Norwegian culture.

Nesbø is one of the most popular Norwegian writers of our time. He began his career in the crime genre in 1997 with the novel The Bat, which is the first novel about the controversial inspector Harry Hole. Not only does Nesbø’s novels offer interesting plots and unusual characters, they also give a more nuanced picture of the Norwegian society, one that does not fit the idealized image that we usually have of this country. By discussing his works, we will try to explore the secrets of this Norwegian crime king’s novels. We will also have a look at Nordic noir as a sub-genre, both in literature and on the small and big screen, and Nesbø’s place within this field.

During the evening the guests will discuss all of Jo Nesbø’s books that has been translated into Serbian, with a special focus on the two most recent ones – The Son and The Leopard. We will also find out which novels Laguna are planning on publishing next.

Laguna will give away a a copy of the novel The Leopard to the visitor who asks the most interesting question during the evening.

Entrance is free. The discussion will be held in Serbian.

The project ‘Nordic Reading Corner’ is financially supported by The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade