New children's books from Swedish publishing house OLIKA

olika 1

We are happy to announce that we have gotten 24 new books from the Swedish publishing house OLIKA.

OLIKA is a relativley new publishing house (founded in 2007) but already play an important role in creating a more diverse and equal society.

Olika, which means different in Swedish, publishes children’s stories that mirror the contemporary Swedish society, challenges norms and stereotypes and are working actively to create a positive change in issues related to norms, gender and diversity.

olika 2

olika 2

In 2012 OLIKA was given the award ”Rättvisepriset 2012″ for their work for equality. In the same year OLIKA also made a huge impact on Sweden when they published the first book with the gender neutral pronoun: hen. The book, Kivi and Monsterdog, was on TV, radio, in newspapers, magazines and on the web for months! And the word hen made it’s way into the vocabulary.

Today OLIKA presents more than 50 different titles.

Thanks to a generous donation from OLIKA we are proud to be able to offer some of these books in our Nordic reading corner.

These books are also great for any of you that are learning Swedish and wants to practice your reading.

To read more about Olika, check out there website:


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