We finish off our program for 2015 at the place where we once started, Leila Records and Books, with a whole week of Nordic movies. From 21st to 25th of December, you will be able to enjoy a new film and a new country every evening.

Escape the cold and dark December nights and join us for cozy evenings with wonderful company and great Nordic culture.

The movie screenings starts at 18.30 every night and you can reserve a seatby sending an sms to 064-2342491 with your name and membership number on the day of the film screening.

The entrance is free for our members.

We would like to thank the embassies of Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland for providing us with the movies, and of course a big thank you to Leila Records and Books for hosting us.

Movie program:

Mon 21.12

Känn ingen sorg (Shed no tears) 2013, Sweden

In the town of Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast, Pål dreams about making it with his music. But he has one major obstacle: himself. We follow Pål on an emotional journey through friendship and hardship, love and betrayal to ultimately find his call. The plot is based on the lyrics and music by Håkan Hellström, one of Sweden’s most beloved artists.

Shed no tears was nominated for nine Guldbagge awards (Sweden’s most prestigious film award)

Director: Måns Mårlind, Björn Stein
Cast: Adam Lundgren, Disa Östrand, Josefin Neldén
Language: Swedish with English subtitles
Genre: Romance

Tue 22.12
Jóhannes, 2009, Iceland

When Johannes pulls over to help a young woman in a broken down car he sets in motion a series of hilarious events.

Director: Þorsteinn Gunnar Bjarnason
Stars: Þórhallur Sigurðsson, Stefán Karl Stefánsson, Stefán Hallur Stefánsson
Language: Icleandic with English subtitles
Genre: Comedy

Wed 23.12

Norwegian short movies:

Skallamann (Bald guy)
A story about a young man's quest for love and acceptance, all in a lively musical film about being yourself and loving whoever you want.

Prematur (Premature)
Premature tells the story of Norwegian Martin and his pregnant Spanish girlfriend, Lucia. We follow the pair during their first 15 minutes on Norwegian soil, observing Lucia's first encounter with this new culture and her in‐laws.

Snø (Snow)
A composer tries to capture the sound of the snow.

Stop blaming the iceberg
A new theory emerges 100 years after the Titanic disaster.

Superpappa og Pele (Superdad and Pele)
Pelé has great fun during the weekend, but on Monday he tries to hang on to Daddy’s bike. But Daddy is very busy and has no time to listen to Pelé. Even though Pelé is quite small, he is tough enough to show that he does not like to have a stressed-out Dad. 

The magic time (Den magiske tiden)
A film inspired by the Sami culture, history, legends and fairy tales. The film tells the story of a reindeer-calf and his journey to becoming a grown, white buck.


Thu 24.12
Superclásico, 2011, Denmark

Christian is a Copenhagen wine trader on the brink of bankruptcy. Equally unsuccessful in just about every other aspect of life, it has been 17 months since his wife Anna left him. Anna works as a soccer agent in Buenos Aires and now lives a life of luxury with Argentina's top player Juan Diaz. One day Christian and their 16-year-old son Oscar get on a plane to Buenos Aires. Christian arrives under the pretense of wanting to sign the divorce papers, but in truth, he wants to try to win Anna back.

The film was selected as the Danish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 84th Academy Awards.

Director: Ole Christian Madsen
Stars: Paprika Steen, Mikael Bertelsen, Anders W. Berthelsen
Language: Danish, Spanish and English with English subtitles
Genre: Comedy

Fri 25.12
Nousukausi (Upswing)

HOLIDAY FROM HELL. A young couple in the IT business, with no kids and a fancy house in a good neighbourhood, finally have a few weeks off before new career challenges. Envious about their friends' exotic holiday destinations, they meet a travel agent offering them the ultimate experience: four weeks in one of the most run-down suburbs of the city.

Director: Johanna Vuoksenmaa
Writer: Mika Ripatti
Stars: Petteri Summanen, Tiina Lymi, Kari-Pekka Toivonen
Genre: Black comedy
Language: Finnish with English subtitles


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