A Guide for Young Dictators

Guest of the Corner – Mikal Hem

We had the honour of having Norwegian author and political commentator Mikal Hem as a guest, and chat with him about his book “So, You Want to Be a Dictator”, published by Zavet publishing company, and translated into Serbian by our consultant Sofija Vukovic.

On Thursday 26.03. we held a promotion at UK Parobrod, when the book was presented by Mirko Lalic, editor of Zavet publishing company, the translator, and, of course, the author himself. We were overjoyed to see so many visitors that participated actively in the discussion, and asked Mikal many interesting questions. The author himself expressed great pleasure to see so many young people are interested in his work, as well as the desire to inspire new generations of dictators.

On Friday, 27.03. we visited Savamala Book Fest, where we also presented the book, through Mikal’s conversation with political journalist Vojo Lalic.

Perhaps the most interesting part of Mikal’s visit was the conversation workshop in Norwegian, held on Saturday 28.03. Our members then had the opportunity to talk to the author in a more relaxed atmosphere. Mikal gave us some practical advice on how to become a dictator, and the easiest way seems to be to get married to a dictator heir or heiress. Nevertheless, Mikal says it could be risky, in case they fall out of grace. We would like to thank our dear members for participating in the workshop and asking engaging and provocative questions.

All of us at Scandinavian Corner are very pleased with the visit of our first guest this year. We would like to thank Mikal for coming, as well as the Embassy of Norway and NORLA for supporting the visit financially.


Interview with Norwegian writer Mikal Hem videoikona1


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