Milos Tomic: My year in Danish capital - short anecdotes of Serbian student about Denmark and Danes (part 3)

All Danes are modern days Vikings

If by the word Viking, you consider cold, strict, serious and unhappy persons, this is untrue. On the contrary, from my personal experience Danes are one of the kindest people in Europe. Ironically, they would never say this about themselves because they think they in general are not as kind to each other as they are to foreigners. In any case, if you find yourself in Denmark, you will most certainly not meet people dressed in sheepskin jackets, wearing horns and holding axes in their hands, perhaps not even for a fancy dress party.

Danes hate Swedes

This is false. This claim mostly caught on in 19th century, during the time these two countries were practically at war with each other and has not disappeared since then. If you meet a Dane or a Swede today, you will mostly hear jokes from both parties and these jokes mostly contain some not so flattering characteristics of the other’s mentality. Aren’t we all in a similar situation with our own neighbours when we tell jokes that begin with “When a Serb, a Croat and a Montenegrin get together…”

Danes don’t know much about Serbia

True. The reason for this is that we are geographically quite far from each other with very little in common. Most Danes don’t know where Serbia is located on the map, and aren’t very familiar with our cultural characteristics or mentality. Danes who are familiar with our region are very few, and they are mostly close to our people who emigrated in Denmark. The only thing that they do know is that once we were a part of Yugoslavia or that ago we won the Eurovision Song Contest a few years. And yes, they have heard of Đoković. After all, no wonder they aren’t familiar with Serbia. If you ask an average Serb what do they think of Denmark, do you really think they would say anything?


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